Courage. A hymn

by Sandra Schmit

Deutsche Übersetzung

A virus walks the world
It runs around the globe like fire
A thing invisible
that tangibly infects our soul
A tiny thing, so easy to fall prey
It burrows, burrows into our DNA

The fever chokes,
it’s getting hard to breathe
It keeps us from our friends
and steals our lifeblood like a thief

This virus is a foe, and we must go to war
No soldiers fight for us, each man alone
and all are cannon fodder at the front
How do you fight a thing that none can see?
How do you battle on when you can hardly breathe?
How do you scream when all you feel is dread?
When it is on you, in you, all around
How do you clear your head when you feel drowned?

The virus is among us, now and here
The raging virus is called Fear.