Six Feet

by Nemo R.

They say that “Social Distancing”
is the way to live our lives.
Even when the shops are open,
drink your coffee by yourself.
Virtual dates are hip, man!

CDC says six feet, WHO says three
but who can put a distance between you and me?
Even laying close, side by side
the distance can feel like 3 miles wide.

Six feet apart, six feet under
means I can’t touch you again.
Dead and buried is what they want
our hearts, our minds, our liberties.
Virtual freedom is hip, man!

When jackboots come crashing at your door
Don’t matter if you be rich or poor!
Contact tracing, forced quarantine
mandatory vaccinations – keep the country clean!

As the punk band Wipers sang in Youth of America:
“They’ll try to put you 6 feet under the ground
It is time we rectify this now
We’ve got to heal it now
Got to heal it now, now, now…”

Three feet, six feet, maybe more?
Researchers at MIT suggest 8 meters!
(That’s 26 feet for you Americans)
My coffee will turn cold
by the time I even get it.

I know, they say I don’t get it
a fly in the ointment, that one.
Don’t mean to bum you out, man
Just turn and look away.

Yet, humor me while I say:
Don’t let them bury you alive
resist, stand up, speak out!
But do it safely, keep your distance
Think of the children.