I rarely had house arrest as a child, but when I did, it fuelled my creativity. State-ordered confinement seems to affect me in a similar way. This website is dedicated to literary works inspired by the crisis that developed around the recently discovered coronavirus.

I set it up on April 3, 2020, after seeing what a two-week confinement with wide-spread shop closures and incessant mediatic scaremongering had done to the people around me and myself.

My fellow authors from Luxembourg, and indeed from all around the world, were invited to share their poetic thoughts and so, over the next two months, 22 artists contributed to the project.

This site is not using any cookies, pop-ups or advertising. All works are published under the Creative Commons. You may use them in non-commercial projects, including remixes, as long as the original author is credited. Please let me know if you use or link anything from this site. You can contact me by email at catharmaiden@gmail.com.

If you want to know more about the creator of this project, please refer to my main homepage sandraschmit.com.

Enjoy the site,