Terry Adams (°1957) is an Irish poet and novelist from Tullamore. He has been living in Luxembourg since 1990. His work incorporates Irish lore and childhood reminiscences as well as reflections on life in Luxembourg. His latest poetry collection is entitled Verdun to the Somme and other poems (2017). More about the author (in French). — Leaving alone

Catherine Bennett (°1961) studied counselling and psychotherapy at Cambridge University. Residing in Luxembourg since 2006, she used to work as a psychotherapist. Her debut prose The Elephant is out of the Basket was published in Fresh from the Fountain (Black Fountain Press, 2018). She is currently working on a book about the social meaning of death and a humorous work about life as a mum in Luxembourg. — The empty chair

Jean-Marie Braconnier has been writing and publishing since the 1980s. For ten years (1986-1996), he contributed to the culture pages in the Luxembourg newspaper Tageblatt, mostly with articles on classical music. Some of his short stories in the Luxembourgish language have been published in the cultural journal Nos cahiers. — Die wiedergefundene Kindheit

Ming Cao (°1989) was born in Tai Yuan, Shanxi Province, China, and is currently studying photography and media at the Kunsthochschule in Essen, Germany. A member of the Photo Club Esch-sur-Alzette, his photoreports are regularly published in the Luxembourgish newspaper Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek. — Messages d’espoir et d’encouragement

Axel de Ferran (°1959), a French mathematical economist working in international leasing, has been living in Luxembourg since 2012. After debuting with historical love stories, he has published two historical novels based in 12th-century Luxembourg, La main du Sarrasin and the sequel Le complot de Manderscheid. His latest work is a biography on Lev Tolstoy’s editor Anna K. Chertkova. More about the author (in French). — La mort et le réconfort

Barbara Y. Flamand is a Belgian author from the Province of Luxembourg. Since the late 1960s, she has published numerous poetry collections, short stories, plays, essays and articles on life, love and human relationships. Her stories explore, through the emotions of the protagonists, life in all its gravity, depicting it with fantasy and a sense of humour. More about the author (in French). — Est-elle nécessaire?

Nico Helminger (°1953) is an acclaimed Luxembourgish author and playwright. Since the late 1970s, he has published numerous poetry and short story collections, novels, children’s books and theatre plays in Luxembourgish and German. His work, which contain elements of ergodic literature, addresses the social and political changes in contemporary society in a critical-satirical style. His latest publication, Kuerz Chronik vum Menn Malkowitsch (2017), follows the life confessions of a man who despairs at the unravelling of his dreams and ideals. He has received numerous literary prizes, most notably the Prix Batty Weber (2008) for the entirety of his work. More about the author (in German). — Kampf den Viren auf allen Vieren!

Jeff Gilniat (°1979) is a Luxembourgish teacher of French. Since 2015 he has published three short story collections. His prose shows elements of surrealism and automatic writing. His latest work is Sarantaméron. Quarante dictées en délire. More about the author (in French). — Qui suis-je?

Josiane Kartheiser (°1950) is a well-known Luxembourgish journalist, author and researcher, with a focus on the Luxembourgish language and the role of women in society. Since the 1970s, she has published numerous articles, short stories, poems, cabaret texts and theatre plays that often cast a critical, witty and ironic look on contemporary society. Her latest short-story collection D’Zukunft läit am Avenir (2018) discusses such varied topics as nation branding, space mining, the digitalisation of society and sex in old age. More about the author. — Klopapier-Hamsterer-Experten

Jean-Michel Klopp (°1956) is a journalist and literary critic from Luxembourg. Since the late 1970s, he has published articles and poems in Luxembourgish newspapers and French-language magazines. In the 1980s and 1990s, his publishing house Ed. Jean-Christophe Lizier specialised in children’s poetry and travel literature. — Messages d’espoir et d’encouragement

Serge Koch (°1957) is a Luxembourgish painter and photographer whose work has been shown in national exhibitions and abroad. He’s the president of the ARC Kënschtlerkrees, about which he has written a retrospective in 2019. He is also a poet. A collection of his literary works has been published under the title Über kurz oder lang in 2017. More about the author (in German) — CoronArt 2

Andrea Murphy has writing in the blood, from her father and her father’s father and as far back as there has been ink. She grew up in a posh part of England, but can trace her roots back to one of the knights who fought with William the Conqueror in 1066. Additional French, Dutch and Russian genes ensured an easy move to Luxembourg 20 years ago, and she has continued writing here ever since. She considers herself a master of that exquisitely challenging poetry form, the limerick. — After

Giulio-Enrico Pisani (°1943) is an Italian-born Luxembourgish author and playwright. Since the early 1990s, he publishes short stories, novels and poetry in French and contributes to Luxembourgish leftist newspapers and magazines. His writing reflects his commitment to a more equitable and open society. The political fiction V.R. 2057 (Ed. J. Ouaknine, 2007) is set in a near-future Luxembourg, when climate change and unfettered neocapitalism have led into a totalitarian dystopia. More about the author (in French) — Covid-19Confinement

Pascale Ponsart is a French medical psychiatrist based in Luxembourg and France. Her first novel, a science fiction work entitled L’avenir oublié?, was published online in 2017. She is currently preparing an illustrated work on the subject of Halloween. — Média le PrudentUn si joli Coronahaut

Nemo R. lives on an island off the coast of the USA with his partner and several animal companions. He dropped out of the commercial world back in 2012 and spends most of his time now hiking the back country and studying Eastern philosophy and the meditation practices of India, China and Tibet. — Just Another WarSix Feet

Sultana Raza has published poems in journals including Columbia Journal, London Grip and Classical Poetry Society. Her fiction has received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train Review (USA) and was published in Coldnoon Journal, Szirine and apertura. She writes non-fiction for Litro and A Beautiful Space. Her articles on art, theatre, film and humanitarian issues have appeared in English and French. More about the author on her homepage. — Lockdown Litanies

Nico Sauber (°1950) was inspector for nuclear security at the European Commission until his retirement. His love for film-making developped when he was 12: He had received an N8-camera, with which he shot his first films on local events. Over the years, he made documentaries about industry and technology, and, in the 1980s, about skilled trades of former times (miller, armourer etc). Since 1998, he is vice president and, since 2016, president of the FGDCA (Fédération Luxembourgeoise du Cinéma d’Auteur). — Covid-19: E FilmHüben net wéi drüben

Ingo Schandeler (°1958) has studied electrical engineering and was teaching IT and web design at the University of Luxembourg. Formerly politically active in his home town of Eischen, he made a name for himself as illustrator-cartoonist. His “mind-maps” explore images, ideas and relationships between seemingly unrelated topics. More about the author (in French) on — CoronArt 1

Sandra Schmit (°1972) studied medieval English literature at Düsseldorf University. She works at the Luxembourg National Literary Archives since 2001. Her first novel, A Winter Tale, was published in 2005. She is a literary translator (G. Rewenig: Your Heart of Ice is Cold As Vice, 2017) and blogs about her travels at — Today in EuropeCoronaopfer, déi neisten ZuelenCourage. A hymnThe other one percentHomo CoronaMënscherechter, Artikel 13Arthur Berkut: Seven SeasJust askingWéi d’Zäite sech ännerenDien Een an dat AnertKipelov: ProphetParadise not lostSolidaritätFool’s Game

Yorick Schmit (°1986) studied literature and linguistics. He made his literary debut in 2014 with the German short story Paenitentia. Eine Erzählung aus der Nachkriegszeit (Kremart Edition). His latest publication is the bilingual short story collection Der Geruch der Erde nach dem Regen (2018, Editions Saint-Paul). More about the author (in German) — 26 Schritte

Goetz von Thadden (°1966) works mainly on energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes, on which he has published many articles. Nevertheless, he also finds time for his other two interests, writing fiction and teaching. He has lived in Luxembourg on and off since 2001. — Corona Trilogie

Wendy Winn is a writer, artist and radio host at Radio ARA based in Luxembourg, with a day job in public health. Her work has been published in two collections by Black Fountain Press (High Five! and Fresh from the Fountain, both 2019), by The Vincent Brothers Review and Spirit First. She won the 2019 LEAPA sonnet competition in Luxembourg. — Party mood