Fool’s Game

by Sandra Schmit

Deutscher Originaltext

For fools rush in where angels fear to tread (Alexander Pope)

Two heavenly creatures eternally close
Were sitting together with dreams in their thoughts.

Said the one to the other with eyes fire-black:
“Come, let us leave here and never come back
Simply check out what else out there is
What feelings feel like and what’s more how to kiss.”

The other quite fearful said thereupon: “No
That should not and cannot and must not be so.”
But the first one just had to give it a go.
Blue-eyed and curious the future espy
And, to Hell with it, get up and dare and defy.

When head over heels into the blue it whirled
Its mind created the whole wide world
Beauty and goodness and love and delight
Ugliness, evil and hate and great fright.

When at night you are looking up to the sky
You feel in your heart: I dared to defy.